New Live-Streaming Tools will help you monetise more

YouTube rolled out its improved live-streaming option in early 2016, and they’ve since worked to develop and evolve their live-stream tools in line with demand, catering to wider usage and incorporating YouTube’s already developed monetization framework to provide an advanced, engaging live experience.

And now, YouTube’s taking their live tools to the next level.

This week, YouTube has announced a range of updates for their live-stream offering – and interestingly, YouTube’s live video efforts are being assisted by former Facebook Live engineer Vadim Lavrusik.

Here’s what’s been announced.

First, YouTube’s adding the capacity to watch not only live replays, but accompanying replays of the live chat as it happened, alongside the video.

Live chat plays a key role in creating connections between creators and their community, so we’re starting to roll out chat replay to YouTube, so you can follow the conversation even after a live stream is over. Live chat replays will show up alongside the video, exactly as it appeared live.”

Indeed, Facebook notes that their live videos generate, on average, 6x more interactions than regular videos, underlining that live video engagement. Those comments can definitely add additional context, so it makes sense for YouTube to incorporate them into their replays – you’ll also be able to turn them off if you choose.
YouTube’s also adding geographic tags to help improve live-stream discovery.
Creators will be able to add a location tag to their streams and video uploads, which will enable users to explore other videos from the same location. Similar functionality has proven popular on Periscope and Facebook Live, particularly in times of crisis – by clicking onto a location, you can get a real, on-the-ground feel for what’s happening and what people are actually experiencing.

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