Boost your business by effective use Hashtag

The hashtag is being used for past several years in social media to promote, attract and organize. Using hashtags makes easier to find people, follow and contribute to conversations. It helps people to boost content and gets engagements. As target audiences can easily find you through hashtags, researching is easier now.


How to use hashtags effectively?


Searching popular hashtags of your industry can help you use variant hashtags at different point of time for more engagement. Firstly start your hashtags with a popular hashtag and use it regularly in a relevant way for every post, photos, and comment even at the time of follow up. Also, keep an eye on trendy hashtags to add it to your post.


What is a UGC Hashtag contest?


UGC contest aka User Generated Content where customers are asked to create or post a content on a social networking site by giving specific hashtags. By doing this the user will get a chance to win a prize.

Content would be in any form such as photo, video, text or review. Winners are chosen by the criteria decided by the brand or by choosing random winners. Later this content helps you to increase brand awareness and build a engage community.


Different platforms to run a hashtag contest.


Hashtags contests can be used on all social media but majorly using this contest on Twitter and Instagram can be result oriented as hashtags are used largely in these platforms.


TWITTER – Revolution of using hashtag started from Twitter to make discussion and conversation easy to find. For example, if you are planning a long weekend in India and you wanted to know some recommendations. By typing it in twitter search bar #India and #Long weekend you would be able to see the post of both hashtags. Nowadays this is the trend of promoting on Twitter. By running such promotions the user gets a chance to win a prize for posting a content with relevant hashtags.


INSTAGRAM – Hashtag competition on Instagram can be easily done by simply creating a hashtag and asking participants to use it in captions with image or video. For Successful Hashtag contest, you need to plan your hashtag contest.


Below are some tips to plan Hashtag Contest.

  1. Easy Hashtags used for the contest should be small, easy to remember and spell. This will not only help your contest to be easy but will also help your audience to participate and remember your contest. At the same time also use one or two some different hashtags to keep your brand apart from others.
  2. First, prepare some set of rules to be written and posted in your contest. This will help audiences to get proper guidelines for participating in the contest. Rules should not be posted in comment or caption it should be in landing page so that your post looks in a proper manner.
  3. Branded hashtags can be appealing as you use a temporary hashtag for the contest at the same post also used brand hashtags so that audience will also use same brand hashtags in their post.
  4. Nowadays companies trademarking hashtags. So you can’t use other companies name in hashtags. Before using different tags it is important for basic research on same.
  5. Don’t use too much of hashtags, limit your post with fewer hashtags. Using 9 hashtags in a post generates 2.5 times more engagement.
  6. In order to get email id of your audiences, you can add an extra award for filling a form. This can help you to use their mail ids for further promotion.
  7. Post Criteria for choosing winners.
  8. Get rights for posting the user-generated content. This can be done by taking permissions of the user.

After the competition is over you can use UGC content for further marketing. The material collected is used for creating and sharing stories. In order to boost your business marketing campaign using Hashtags can help for better engagement and build trust among the audiences. Keep following our social handles for future digital marketing updates.

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We help you stay savvy and create a solid online presence with help of 360-degree marketing. The strategies and integration of your online presence is our responsibility as we offer the most extensive digital campaigns. Working across verticals, we make digital marketing a cakewalk for you while we provide integrated and complex strategies to ensure a larger outreach for your Brand

Promote your business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is used by every one job seekers, professionals, and experts. Here you can communicate with professionals for betterment and discussions on various topics. LinkedIn concentrates on quality rather than quantity as it is used for professional networking and not for other relational interests. Companies use for recruiting, communicating informing about companies information with his employees.

Promoting business in LinkedIn expands network for your business. As it connects professionals, expertise and job seeker. Everyone here is promoting their services in order to recognize by different audiences. Here strategy is key to promotion.

Following are tricks to promote your business on LinkedIn.

  1. Completing your Profile: Your business profile should be completed. Let people know about you, who you are, how you work, where you work and what you work. This will complete people to get connected with professionals.
  2. Connect with everyone: Connecting with not only whom you know but also to everyone who is in the same industry or in the market. Other people in the industry will know your company.
  3. Update at regular intervals: Regularly updating recently completed projects, creative tips, and news article, new functions, new projects, update everything that can keep your page lively. Viewers will be interested in different topics covered by your page.
  4. Create a group: An incredible social component on LinkedIn is the capacity to begin a group. People in the group should have a specific interest related to your business. Start a discussion with the general topic and members will communicate accordingly.
  5. Interact with others: Being Social platform you can interact with people. Browsing through profiles can help you to get the valuable lead. Participating in other groups, sharing relevant conversations, endorsing others conversations. Communicating in existing communities can help to get engage in new conversations.


Further to get more traffics, leads and sales in your business you can use attractive and communicative visuals, writing smartly. Understand LinkedIn how it can work in the best manner as you can get quality leads and experts. Always include experts in conversation so that people can follow them and use your page as quality conversations. Regularly keep updates of LinkedIn news, features, tools and pages so know the best use LinkedIn profile.

About Us

We help you stay savvy and create a solid online presence with help of 360-degree marketing. The strategies and integration of your online presence is our responsibility as we offer the most extensive digital campaigns. Working across verticals, we make digital marketing a cakewalk for you while we provide integrated and complex strategies to ensure a larger outreach for your Brand